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This is a great opportunity for you and your small group to have healthy competition, get some exercise, and have some fun! The league will be played on Wednesday nights once a week. Depending on the number of teams we have sign up, an additional night of play may be needed. Each team will play one, one hour game each week. The last week will be designated for tournament play. You will need at a minimum 9 players on your teams. Teams must have at a minimum 5 females on the field at a time, max is 10 players on the field at a time. You can sign up a team for $80, or sign up as a single player for $10. (Single players will be sorted on to a team) Jerseys are the teams responsibility, great creative!

Attendee Types

  • $80 – Team Entry
  • $10 – Single Player
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Co-Ed Kickball

Event Details

  • May 30
    5:30 pm
    Jun 27
    8:00 pm