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A trip to OAR and the Ocoee River in Tennessee may be just what you need. Whitewater rafting is real adventure. It's not a roller coaster where you just strap in and hang on. To successfully navigate the Class IV whitewater of the Ocoee everyone must pitch in and do their part.

This sense of needing each other and working together is what distinguishes whitewater rafting from so many other activities. Add to this the beauty of the Appalachian mountains and the physical exhilaration of working hard and suddenly opportunities to discuss what really matters in life seem to rise out of nowhere. Lessons and teachings that seemed remote and theoretical suddenly find concrete expression. You'll see it in the smiles and the laughter, in the spontaneous hug and the quiet moments of introspection.

We will leave the church parking lot at 7am and return to the church around 9pm. Bring money for food along the way! We will raft the whole river, and lunch is included. Get ready for a fun day!


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Ocoee River Trip

Event Details

  • June 23
    7:00 am - 9:00 pm